Talk 4: Performance of Massive MIMO systems under CSI impairments by Dr. Ribhu

DAIICT Winter School on 5G Communications

Dr. Ribhu
Assistant Professor
IIT Guwahati

Performance of Massive MIMO systems under CSI impairments

We discuss the advantages offered by the use of a large number of base station antennas for serving multiple users in the same cell. Then we discuss the dependence of these advantages on the availability of accurate channel state information at the base station. Following which we discuss the physical conditions under which CSI imperfections might arise, and the effects of these conditions on the achievable rates for the given system.

Dr. Ribhu's Bio

Ribhu is currently working as an assistant professor in the department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at IIT Guwahati. He recieved his B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India in 2009, and M. Tech in Communication Systems from IIT Roorkee in 2011. Following this, he worked as a guest lectruer at Panjab University Chandigarh for the Autumn 2011 semester. In Spring 2012, he joined Ph.D. in Electronics and communication engineering at IIT Roorkee under Prof. D. K Mehra and Prof Debashis Ghosh. He submitted his PhD thesis in July 2015 and joined the Signal Processing for Communication (SPC) lab at IISc, Bengaluru, under the supervision of Prof. Chandra R. Murthy. Following his thesis defense in May 2016, he continued at the SPC lab as an Institute research associate till March 2017. His research interests include physical layer design for wireless sensor networks, statistical and adaptive signal processing, massive MIMO systems, and detection theory.